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Pond Maintenance


At Environmental Resources Group, we strive exceed all of our customers’ landscaping needs from all angles.  In addition to landscaping and snow removal, ERG offers pond maintenance.  Please visit www.ergponds.com for more information!

Working together with our expert who has over 40 years of experience with pond maintenance and construction, we’re confident that we will bring you top quality pond services.  ERG offers pond cleaning, pH testing, salinity measurements, and other important tests to make sure that your pond will not only be healthy, but will remain healthy with minimal maintenance. 

If we find issues with any of our measurements or tests, we’ll take action to figure out the causes so we can provide the best solution to stop the problem at its roots.  We’ll work side by side with our customers to ensure their understanding of why certain problems have arisen and how ERG will work to solve them. 

For those who have aquatic life in their ponds, ERG will safely move these animals to a temporary tank to minimize disturbances.  Once we complete our maintenance, we’ll gently place all wildlife back into the ecosystem.

ERG offers services from one-time, to seasonal, to yearly maintenance depending on the needs of our customers.  Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding pond maintenance.