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Energy Management

At Environmental Resources Group Inc., we strive to provide our clients with the best savings through our green energy lighting program.  Environmental Resources Group Inc. works side by side with our clients and energy providers* to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our energy management services. 

Our process starts with our efficient lighting savings walk-through which involves cataloging the individual lighting and fixture objects in your building or designated area.  We then propose potential replacements and efficiency measures for each light necessary and provide our clients with a proposal highlighting total costs, savings, payback period, and other important financial measures.  Environmental Resources Group Inc. ensures that any proposed replacement will have a similar light reading (will be equally as bright) as the current lighting fixture and will use less energy.  This procedure is completely free for small businesses.**

When our clients select one of our proposals, our specialized team works with them to install all necessary lighting fixtures at pre-negotiated times in order to cause the least disruption within the business.  Environmental Resources Group Inc. understands that our clients need to keep their business running, so we work at our clients’ schedule to ensure a smooth transition.

Environmental Resources Group Inc. specializes in LED and efficient lighting.  With current LED technology, many of our proposed lights can use 50% or less energy than standard fluorescent lighting. 

Below is a lighting upgrade we completed at a basketball gym.

Here you can see the difference between our new T5 high output fixtures (left) vs. the old metal halide fixtures (right):

Here is an LED installation we did side by side with an existing fluorescent 2x4 fixture in a restaurant kitchen.

Here is on of our employees installing a 9w LED bulb in place of a 65w incandescent bulb.

Below are some examples of LED lighting in parking lots and garages.


*Environmental Resources Group Inc. works in BGE, Dominion Power, SMECO, and Potomac Edison territory.

**Contact us to see if your company qualifies as a small business